Small single machine dust collector

small single vacuum cleaner

small single vacuum cleaner

UF single pulse vacuum cleaner is a small single pulse vacuum cleaner. The filter bag of UF single pulse vacuum cleaner adopts polyester needle felt, and the continuous service temperature is below 120 ℃. The vibration dust removal swing device has good dust removal


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, and when it reaches 100g / Nm3, the outgoing concentration is 100g / Nm3

structural composition of UF single pulse vacuum cleaner:

1. Box body: including box body, filter bag, inspection door, filter belt, flower plate and box body. The designed pressure resistance is 2500pa

2. Blowing out system: including blower and blower with motor

3. Shaking mechanism: shaking reduction motor, curved rod, connecting rod, shaft (or filter bag suspension shaft)

4. Air inlet and ash discharge part

characteristics of UF single pulse vacuum cleaner:

UF single pulse vacuum cleaner has the advantages of good dust removal effect, purification, large air volume, long service life of filter bag, small maintenance workload and operation. UF single machine pulse dust collector has compact design structure, small volume, low height and various forms. It can be used alone or combined with multiple machines, with large air volume. Small air volume can be selected. Multi mill combination can also be used for continuous working points such as small ball mill and crusher

working principle of UF monomer vacuum cleaner:

dusty gas enters the ash hopper or ash box from the suction port and enters the filter bag through the flower plate hole or directly through the flower plate hole. The dusty gas turns into clean gas through the filter bag, enters the box, and is discharged from the blower through the exhaust port on the upper part of the box. Dust accumulates on the inner surface of the filter bag and increases the resistance of the bag filter. When the resistance rises to 1500-2000 polypropylene, in order to make the bag filter continue to work,

it is necessary to filter the dust on the bag regularly. For specific dust removal, first turn off the top fan, shake the eccentricity on the motor, move the connecting rod, rotate the shaking shaft left and right, the filter bag is in the corrugated state, the dust falls and is taken out

Application of UF single pulse dust collector:

UF single pulse dust collector is widely used for dust removal in casting, ceramics, glass, refractory, cement building materials, abrasive tool manufacturing, chemical products, machining and other industries. UF monomer vacuum cleaner has good dust removal effect with lightweight non fiber dust such as cement, ceramic powder, gypsum powder, asbestos powder, carbon powder, pigment, rubber powder and plastic powder Above

Small single machine dust collector

small single machine dust collector

small single machine dust collector