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  • 脉冲布袋除尘器 脉冲布袋除尘器
  • 布袋除尘器 布袋除尘器
  • 测试 测试
  • 催化燃烧设备 催化燃烧设备
  • 大型布袋除尘器 大型布袋除尘器
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Working principle of hot galvanizing dust collector: the dusty gas is introduced into the middle box from the air inlet, filtered by the purification part, and the clean gas enters the upper box, and then discharged from the purification outlet. The dust is blocked on the outer wall of the filter bag, and then after cleaning the ash cleaning part, the dust adsorbed on the surface of the filter bag is shaken off in the ash hopper and discharged by the ash unloading valve. The heating pipe is connected with steam to heat the box, and the outer layer is insulated to prevent condensation in the box